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Expert Orthopedics Care at Sarthak Surgical Centre

Welcome to Sarthak Surgical Centre, a premier medical facility renowned for its comprehensive orthopedics care. With a dedicated team of expert orthopedic doctors in Varanasi, we are committed to providing top-tier treatments for a wide range of orthopedic conditions. Discover how our expertise and advanced technologies ensure optimal musculoskeletal health.

Your Trusted Orthopedic Doctors in Varanasi

At Sarthak Surgical Centre, we recognize the vital role musculoskeletal health plays in your overall well-being. Our team of specialized orthopedic doctor in Varanasi is dedicated to offering exceptional care, encompassing various orthopedics conditions to enhance your mobility and quality of life.From common musculoskeletal issues to complex orthopedic disorders, our hospital provides comprehensive solutions tailored to address various conditions and ensure personalized care.

Treating a Variety of Orthopedic Conditions

Arthritis: Relieving Pain and Enhancing Mobility – Arthritis is a common condition that affects the joints. It causes inflammation, pain, and stiffness in the joints, making it difficult to move and perform daily activities. There are many types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis.

Fractures: Precision Treatment for Broken Bones – A fracture is a break in a bone. This can happen as a result of trauma, such as a fall or car accident, or due to a medical condition such as osteoporosis. Fractures can be simple or complex, and may require surgery depending on the severity and location of the break.

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens bones, making them more susceptible to fractures. It is more common in women than men, and can be caused by a variety of factors including age, genetics, and hormonal changes. Treatment for osteoporosis may include medication, lifestyle changes, and in some cases, surgery.

Types of Orthopedic Surgeries

Joint Replacement Surgery: Restoring Function and Relieving Pain 

Joint replacement surgery is a common orthopedic procedure that involves replacing a damaged joint with an artificial one. This is most commonly done for people with arthritis who have severe pain and limited mobility. The most common joint replacements are for the hip and knee, but shoulder, elbow, and ankle replacements are also possible.

Spine Surgery: Specialized Care for Spine Health 

Spine surgery is a type of orthopedic surgery that is used to treat back and neck pain. This can include procedures like spinal fusion, laminectomy, and discectomy. Surgery is typically only recommended when conservative treatments like physical therapy and medication have failed to relieve the pain.


Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive orthopedic surgery that allows doctors to diagnose and treat joint problems using a small camera and surgical instruments. It is often used for conditions like torn cartilage, ligament repairs, and joint infections.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Precision and Faster Recovery 

Minimally invasive spine surgery offers precision and shorter recovery times for various spinal conditions.

Sciatica Treatment: Easing Nerve Pain 

Our orthopedic doctors specialize in addressing sciatica, helping patients find relief from nerve-related pain and discomfort.

Sports Injury Management: Getting You Back in the Game 

Our experts provide comprehensive sports injury management, aiming to get athletes back to their active lifestyle safely and efficiently.

Trauma Care: Timely Interventions for Orthopedic Trauma 

For orthopedic trauma cases, our skilled team offers swift and effective interventions to promote proper healing and recovery.

Pediatric Orthopedics: Gentle Care for Growing Bodies

We provide gentle and specialized care for pediatric orthopedic issues, ensuring healthy growth and development in children.



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